Melissa's Rose Snap Bar
Melissa's Rose Snap Bar

Melissa's Rose Snap Bar

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100% Raised will be donated. Please see Melissa's story below!

Please help us to help Melissa and her family to get an electric wheelchair, we have created MELISSA'S ROSE wax melt snap bar made in Melissa's favourite colours pink and purple and fragrance strawberry cream with a sprinkle of glitter. 


Melissa's Story

Melissa is my 28-year-old daughter, she is autistic and has selective mutism with some learning difficulties, Just over a year ago Melissa became very ill and because of the amount of pain Melissa suffered she became very scared of food as she associated this with the pain she now no longer eats and is tube fed 15 hours a day because of this Melissa has had a massive weight loss of over 9 stone and has become very weak and struggles with any kind of daily activity she sleeps most of the day and when we do take her out she has to use a wheelchair. But because of my own health problems I find it very hard to push her, I would hate to not be able to take her out and do all the things she enjoyed doing before she became ill, So we have decided to have a few fundraisers to raise some money to help buy an electric wheelchair for Melissa. Please help make it possible for Melissa to get an electric wheelchair!

Thank you Angie CHURCHILL (Mum)

Wax Melt

- Approx 50g

- Double poured with pink & purple colour's 

- Scent strawberry with a milky base.

- Sprinkle of pink and purple glitter.

All money raise from each of MELISSA'S ROSE snap bars will be donated to Melissa and her family to help towards the cost of an electric wheelchair.

Thank you all for your help and support 

Louise x